3 Reasons to Elevate Your Hotel Security With Locky Smart Locks

August 24, 2023, 09:17 AM EDT

Locks are the literal gateway to a guest’s stay. Not only do they make or break a first impression, but are critical for security and the room’s ease of use. 

But getting locks right is easier said than done; locks are a common frustration for accommodations and travelers alike. How often have your guests trudged back down to the front desk or called you up because they lost their key, or the keycard magically demagnetized? Again.

There’s a better way.

Sirvoy and Locky

Sirvoy has partnered with Locky, a smart lock expert, to offer an automated key code lock solution to our users throughout the European Union region. 

Sirvoy’s robust booking event webhook system can safely communicate each new reservation and its details to Locky, which then automatically generates, sends, and manages access codes for your guests. And so much more.

Locky’s System:

  • Eliminates the hassles of lost, demagnetized, or locked-in keys.
  • Frees small properties from needing 24/7 staff on-site or on-call.
  • Specializes in easy installation and codesharing, no technical skills needed.

Learn more about how Sirvoy integrates with the Locky Keyless Entry System.

Foolproof Your Security Today

To learn more and get a quote, contact Locky at post@locky.tech.