4 Ways a Hospitality Management System Benefits Your Business

March 20, 2023, 10:50 AM EDT

A Hospitality Management System (HMS), like Sirvoy, is the tool accommodation businesses use to handle their hundreds of daily tasks.

Have you ever had to:

  • Stay on-call 24/7 in case reservations come in?
  • Spend dozens of hours copying/ pasting confirmation emails?
  • Juggle availability across booking channels like Expedia and Booking.com, while hoping no double bookings slip through?

An HMS solves all of those problems and more. By automating administration tasks and simplifying others, your time and efforts are freed to focus on what’s important–your guests.

What HMS Features Help Your Hotel Overcome Challenges?

Every worthwhile HMS combines the following key features into one easy package.

1. Front Desk System

Manages the day-to-day operations of your accommodation. 

It accepts and organizes reservations, manages rates and restrictions, sends personalized confirmation messages, tracks housekeeping, and offers a broad range of payment solutions. 

  • Saves time on administrative tasks.
  • Cuts down manual errors.
  • Lowers cost by easing the workload.
  • Provides local and international payment options.

Sirvoy has been a great next step for us with plenty of features to keep bookings coming in and daily operations running smoothly!”

Cassie, owner of The Granbury Cabins at Windy Ridge, USA

2. Channel Manager

Connects your accommodation and your booking channels together. 

  • Satisfies guests by using their preferred channel.
  • Immediately updates availability on your channels, website, and front desk. 
  • Creates accurate bookings where overbookings are rare.

It’s also easy to add new channels

Sirvoy has helped us get the most out of our hostel experience and booking channels. Really couldn’t do it without you guys!”

–  Simone Sleeuw, Co-owner and General Manager of Bella’s Backpackers, Belize

3. Booking Engine & Website Builder

Broadens your online reach and helps keep your revenue up. 

Booking channels take a commission, which eats into your profit. With a booking engine embedded on your website, you provide a way for your guests to book with you directly, cutting out the costly middleman. 

  • Increases revenue by avoiding commissions
  • Expands your online presence
  • Provides a professional site without additional cost

“We signed up with Sirvoy one year ago and are very happy with the system. We have increased our direct bookings from our website by 50%. It is an easy system for our customers to navigate and our employees to use.”

–  Charlotte Øllgaard, owner of Høloftet B&B, Denmark

4. Many More Useful Features

An all-in-one HMS provides a slew of specialized tools and services to aid and grow your hospitality business.

  • Detailed guest statistics and daily reports
  • Payment and invoicing modules
  • Cybersecurity features
  • Always-available support that answers in minutes

Sirvoy has great 24/7 support. I also appreciate the detailed downloadable reports for accounting. It does everything I need to manage our lodge reservations and billing. Thanks, Sirvoy!”  

Tim Hall, Owner/Proprietor of Tubagua Ecolodge, Dominican Republic

Experience the Benefits For Yourself Free For 14 Days

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