New in March 2022

March 29, 2022, 04:10 AM EDT

We value the voice of our customers. Your input drives us to make our product what you need and more. This month, we would like to highlight a helpful enhancement to Sirvoy’s options that your feedback has helped to create.

Preselected Room Types and Units

You can now preselect a room type or unit for your guests. This option is available in the advanced booking engine settings.

This feature can:

  • Create links to the booking engine with preselected room types already chosen.
  • Narrow the selection down even further and preselect an individual unit.
  • Include pre-filled dates and number of adults or wait for the guest to input them

Let’s see how this is useful for your guests.

On your website, you may have descriptions of different room types. A button accompanying each probably directs your guest to the booking engine.

Our new feature enables those buttons to preselect a room type. That way, the matching room type is already selected when your guest opens the booking engine. This feature saves them time and increases their chances of completing the booking process.

Preselecting Individual Units

Imagine you have one specific unit of an object type. Maybe that adorable cottage property you rent out seasonally or the unique deluxe suite in your Bed and Breakfast.

Our new feature can narrow a preselection down to only include that unit.

Tip: “Let Guests Show Unit” must first be enabled to preselect individual units.
Go to Booking Engine -> Edit -> Let Guests Choose Unit.

And Much More

We’re confident this improvement will contribute to an even smoother booking experience for your guests. Not to mention, it helps you target your sales more efficiently.

This new feature adds to our growing collection of ways to pre-fill values in your booking engine and optimize settings for your needs.