Hospitality Trends for 2022

March 17, 2022, 02:43 PM EDT

The hospitality sector has seen radical, ongoing changes in recent years. A global pandemic and evolving social climate have shifted travelers’ priorities in unexpected ways. Quick adaptation from hoteliers is needed to meet these new business expectations.

Your efforts will be worth it – the upcoming months are prime for a surge of tourists and travelers as borders reopen and restrictions are lifted. According to the Wise International Travel Survey, 82% of Americans consider post-pandemic travel one of the things they’re most anticipating. Leveraging 2022’s hospitality trends will keep your front doors jingling with these eager patrons.

Socially Conscious Guests

A growing number of travelers want to make a positive impact on the world (and minimize their adverse effects). Their choice of accommodations reflects this. “Vote with your wallet” is practically the slogan of the current consumer generation.

Put your hotel’s efforts toward social and environmental good front and center. Keep your customers informed about your business’ positive impact, and, as your patron, they’ll feel like personal contributors to it. Leave your guests feeling proud about choosing you, and they’ll come back again and again.

Their goodwill extends to the digital sphere too, where there are a rising number of review sites dedicated to a business’ ethical practices. Ignoring this trend risks damaging your online reputation.

“Vote with your wallet” is practically the slogan of the current consumer generation

How To Benefit

  • Replace wasteful freebies with reusable alternatives. For example, use centralized refilling stations for complimentary shampoo or soap instead of individual bottles. Green changes like this are easily seen and appreciated by your guests.
  • Embrace the small business and local economy. Consumers increasingly go out of their way to make sure their dollar goes toward small businesses. Consider small and local businesses instead of large corporations for outside work, then share information about these partnerships with your patrons.

New Breed of Business Traveler

Covid-19, for all its troubles, introduced the world to a new way to work. The remote office is here to stay, but the work-from-home boom doesn’t mean being home-bound.

Many are leveraging their new remote positions to become digital nomads or take extended trips while still bringing their day job along for the ride. They’re looking for a home base with pleasant workspaces by day and worthwhile locales by night.

How To Benefit

  • Offer accommodations built around workspaces. Remote workers are craving more than a corner desk and chair. They’re searching for open workspaces that offer natural light and good views. Since work is only half of it, design your accommodations with flexibility in mind. Create a workspace that holds its own during downtime, maybe as a lounge or dining area.
  • Incentivize longer stays. STR, a global hospitality data analytics company, reported that the average occupancy rate for extended-stay hotels was nearly 20% higher than standard hotels in 2021. Offering discounts for extended stays puts you in a position to better tap into this demand.