New in December 2021

December 29, 2021, 04:35 AM EST

To meet the demands of our constantly changing hospitality market, we have made a couple of recent modifications and enhancements that will make your day-to-day work with Sirvoy even easier.

Auto-Refill Option

We just released the auto-refill feature for topping up your account. This makes subscribing to Sirvoy a breeze, since the auto-refill choice removes the need for manual management of your account balance. With one less thing on your mind, you will be able to fully concentrate on your guests, giving you the peace of mind that your account is being taken care of automatically and securely. Feel free to take a closer look and choose this option in your account refill settings.

Google Free Booking Links

Google has expanded its marketing services by adding the Google Free Booking Links feature, enabling businesses to generate more bookings. We now support integration to Free Booking Links in addition to Google Hotel Ads, which can be activated in your Google Hotel Ads integration settings (this new feature has been automatically activated for customers already integrated to Google Hotel Ads). Find out more in our recent marketing blog and step-by-step guide in our support article.

Enhancements to Expedia Collect Models for Certain Countries

Due to changed tax laws in a number of countries (check here to see if you are affected), Expedia has adapted to new ways of handling payments. This means simplifying how they operate with regard to taxes in order to stay current in all markets while abiding by these new laws.

We are happy to inform you that since October 2021, Sirvoy has been certified with Expedia to handle the new models introduced for this purpose.

What does this mean for you? First, the change applies only to rates in the Expedia Collect model. The Hotel Collect model will remain unchanged. As for the “Total charge” field in Sirvoy, nothing has changed. As before, it will always match the amount that can be charged to Expedia (called “Remittance amount” by Expedia).

If you’re currently living in a country where this update has been applied, we encourage you to check which model your property is currently on, so that you know how to handle the payments.

For any details about what is covered by the amount seen in Sirvoy (taxes, compensation or taxes on the compensation) and regarding any required payment back to Expedia, please refer to the “Payments” section in your Expedia Partner Central, or contact Expedia Support.

You can read more about this update and the countries to which it applies in this article. Any country not listed will continue working with the regular way of handling payments.