New in November 2021

November 29, 2021, 12:23 PM EST

Every little helps…

We value every little feedback we get from you, because it boosts our resolve to keep making your experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. For everyone. So here are some recent enhancements to serve that goal.

Booking Engine

Styling Options: You’d like to customize your booking engine style to fit your particular needs or website presence? Our UI experts have worked hard to give you more freedom in CSS styling, making your guests’ booking engine experience as streamlined as possible on all sorts of devices.

Appearance: The booking engine now displays using the default system fonts of whatever device you use for viewing. The advantage? It doesn’t just strengthen the display stability of the booking engine, but also gives the user even more familiarity – he feels at home using the booking engine on his device with a font he is accustomed to.

Accessibility: Further improvements and fixes throughout the system have resulted in an even better user experience, making it more accessible to as many as possible.

RTL Support: In both our booking engine and the webpage for those using the Sirvoy Website Builder, we now provide RTL (right-to-left) support for related languages such as Arabic in both the display and text appearance.

Extras Settings

In connection with the booking engine we have also improved the Extras Settings.

Limited Availability Option: Until now, when activating “Available for a limited period” for a particular extra, the product would only be displayed in the booking engine if the entire stay would fall within the selected dates. With this latest development, the extra will now be displayed for any part of the stay that falls within the selected dates. This makes it possible to offer extras that you wish to be available on a specific date for instance.

Booking Engine for Extras Only: We have added the option of filtering a booking engine to show only extra options (either all, or selected). This new setting option on a booking engine level replaces the previous global setting for extras. Now it is possible to create a separate booking engine that only displays extra options. Read more about this significant improvement in our related support article.