New in October 2021

October 28, 2021, 07:57 PM EDT

Our ongoing passion to provide the ideal software for easy hospitality management includes letting you be as independent as possible, especially when shifting to Sirvoy as a new customer. With this in mind, we are happy to inform you of a recent enhancement you will love.

A New Tool to Easily Import Your Existing Bookings Into Sirvoy

When migrating to Sirvoy, you may want to import your existing bookings into Sirvoy so that you have everything in one place as quickly as possible. In the past, you had (and still have) the option of getting assistance from our renowned Support team in order to successfully import all your bookings.

Now, with our most recent development, you have the freedom of importing your existing bookings yourself, giving you full control in the migration process. This is done by following some simple steps that are easy to follow:

  1. Go to Settings -> Your account -> Import bookings.
  2. Provide the booking data – either by manually filling out the form provided or by uploading a CSV file.
  3. Click VALIDATE.
  4. If there are any hold-ups, errors or warnings will be shown. Simply check these by hovering over the error/warning symbol and adjusting the form accordingly.
  5. Click VALIDATE again, until no further errors appear. Then the IMPORT button will become visible.
  6. Click IMPORT.

And voilà, you will see a confirmation page where you can click the links to see each full booking!

We are proud of this improvement, because we want our clients to have as seamless a transition as possible, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of our easy-to-use software right away. Of course, our Support team is available 24/7 as usual, happy to provide any assistance you may need.

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