New in May 2021

May 31, 2021, 06:55 AM EDT

First of all, we must say a big Thank You for your willing collaboration and valuable feedback, because this has enabled us to bring the upgrade to our latest booking engine version 3.0 to a successful completion. Many clients have already expressed how much they are enjoying the new design and functionality. Along with these significant enhancements, we are happy to inform you of some further feature improvements.

Designing With Custom CSS. The CSS structure of the latest booking engine version is now stable, so for those who would like to modify the design of the booking engine to harmonize with the rest of your website using custom CSS, this is now possible. Our updated articles on editing CSS and customizing booking engine texts using CSS provide useful information in this regard.

Booking Engine Languages. Since we support some 28 languages for the booking engine, all translations for the new version have now been incorporated, giving you an ample choice of languages in which your guests can make their bookings.

WordPress Widget. There is an updated way of adding the booking engine as a widget on WordPress, you can read more about it in our latest article about installing your booking engine on WordPress.

“Mini” Widget. You have the possibility of adding the booking engine as a small widget on your website, for instance, included in a sidebar. The new version automatically adjusts to the space given and will adapt, so there is no setting for this. However, because of the narrow space, it could be useful to send the guests to another page where they can continue the booking process, allowing them a better overview of the available rooms and extras. Read more in our new article about this small but significant feature.

Sirvoy Website Builder. This Pro version feature has already been met with a huge positive response. We have now added further sections to enhance your webpage even more – the “Gallery” section, giving you the possibility of uploading multiple photos of your property together with different viewing options for your guests, as well as the “Terms and Conditions” section to easily publish your terms and conditions and provide your guests with everything they need to know. Read more in our Sirvoy Website Builder Guide.

As our development team works relentlessly in response to your valuable feedback, you most likely will have noticed further enhancements across the Sirvoy system in your day-to-day use. We never stop at wanting to make your Sirvoy experience as seamless and easy as possible.