New in April 2021

April 12, 2021, 08:27 AM EDT

As spring opens its doors, growth sees no boundaries. The same can be said of Sirvoy. We are happy to inform you about a number of new and exciting enhancements to make your Sirvoy experience even more enjoyable.

Booking Engine & Sirvoy Website Builder

  • Latest Version. Any customers that have not opted to stay on a previous booking engine version have been upgraded to Version 3.0, and we are still implementing your valuable feedback.
  • T&Cs. We have added the option to make your terms and conditions accessible for the guest. In the Website Builder, a T&C’s section can now be enabled and edited. The same goes for your Version 3.0 booking engine. Simply go to Settings -> Languages & texts -> Additional information to add your T&C texts as well as any other important information for the guest.
  • Availability Calendar. In the settings for each booking engine, you can now choose to either hide the availability calendar, or have it displayed by default, in either a collapsed or expanded view. And if you have chosen to allow guests to choose units in your settings, your availability calendar will also show the number of units available within each room type, together with the name of each unit.
  • Coupon Code. You are now able to choose whether or not a coupon code entry is to be displayed in the booking engine, and if displayed, you can choose between optional or required entry. The selections for this can be made in the settings for each booking engine.
  • Display Options. If you are using the Sirvoy “Starter” version, in the setting to display your booking engine on your website (Settings -> Booking engine -> Manage booking engines -> “How to install”), you will see the option “Stand alone page with booking engine and contact details (URL)”. With the “Pro” version, if you have activated your Website Builder, you will instead see the option “Sirvoy Website Builder webpage with your booking engine (URL)”.

Added to the above, there have been several further small improvements such as fixes for mobile layout, accessibility and more to ensure smooth functionality.

Advanced “How to Install” Options for Booking Engine & Review Form

  • A refreshed UI now makes it possible to easily create custom links and HTML with your embedded booking engine for specific purposes such as special offers or events. For example, by specifying check-in date, check-out date and number of guests you can create URL- parameters and HTML data parameters. These links can then be used to direct guests to your pre-populated booking engine.
  • You are able to specify a customized landing page to which the guest will be automatically redirected after completing the booking or review booking process.
IMPORTANT: From May 1, 2021, we will remove support for older booking engine integration methods (including the booking engine in an iframe, mini booking engine) and they will stop working after that date. These methods will be replaced with features in the new version. You will see a message on your dashboard with the places from where we detect traffic with outdated methods.