New in January 2021

January 27, 2021, 04:55 PM EST

We’re happy to tell you about some more developments in relation to functions that keep track of booked extras, and a brand new functionality to restore any canceled booking.

Improved PDF to Keep Track of Booked Extras

Do you need a list of all extras (such as breakfasts) that have been booked for a specific date?

You might already know that by choosing “Keep count per day” in the settings for any extra, it will appear on the Calendar page together with the number of extras booked. Clicking on the number for any date will open a popup with more information, and now also with two different printable PDF versions. One is sorted according to unit name and the new one, according to booking ID. Both versions of the PDF will list room number and guest name together with the total amount of booked extras. The PDF sorted according to booking ID also specifies the number of extras per booking.

We are sure these improved PDF versions will help you organize and carry out any actions in relation to booked extras.

Restore Canceled Bookings

Have you accidentally canceled a booking? Until now, recreating a canceled booking might have been a somewhat troublesome task, especially if you’ve had to restore a large booking.

We have now released new functionality that allows you to restore a canceled booking with one simple click. A “Restore booking” button now appears on all canceled bookings. When used, the system will try to restore the booking and assign the same unit(s) used for the original booking. If no longer available, the system tries to add a different unit from the same originally booked room type. If there are no units available from the same room type, the booking will still be restored but you will have to manually assign a unit from a different room type. You can do so by clicking the house symbol (“Repair”) on the booking. If a booking is left without a unit, it is made clear both on the booking and on the Bookings page, with a warning sign indicating this.