New in October 2020

October 15, 2020, 04:45 PM EDT

First impressions really last! One of Sirvoy’s main goals is to make sure that your guests get a good first impression of your business by ensuring a seamless booking process, making the necessary information easily accessible. We are happy to inform you about recent improvements that will streamline this process even further.

  • Customized Landing Page After Making a Booking

Would you like to redirect your guests to another customized landing page after the booking process is completed? This is now possible, regardless of whether a payment has been made or not.
For more information, see this article.

  • Improved Coupon Code Function

We have listened to requests for improvements regarding this feature and launched these improvements starting October 1. For example, in the past it was sometimes difficult to figure out over what period of time a discount code will apply. Also it wasn’t easy to see in what different ways coupon codes can be used in Sirvoy. The improvements mean that this function is now more logical and user-friendly. Please read our support articles to see how you can benefit from using coupon codes for discounts, to unlock a restricted period, or to unlock a booking engine.

  • Channel Improvements

In the settings on your account you can now specify the number of children and prices. From September 28, information about the number of children and their ages in bookings sent from will be reflected in Sirvoy. Bookings that include child prices sent from to Sirvoy will have their total cost correctly reflected in the Sirvoy booking as before. Please find more detailed information in this article.

Starting with iCal channels (Airbnb etc.) we are introducing partial updates from channels. This means that if a booking is modified on the channel’s side, e.g. change of date or unit, we will only update the data that has now been changed. Previously, full data would propagate to Sirvoy possibly overwriting manual changes made in Sirvoy. Our goal is that this will soon apply to other channels as well.

Our connection to SiteMinder Exchange is now improved. More information such as room name and booking source (channel or other) is now communicated in Sirvoy’s integration with SiteMinder Exchange, enabling more complete use of any apps you are connected to.

More is to come in our quest to continue increasing simplicity and user experience, both for you and your guests.