New in May 2020

May 16, 2020, 09:03 PM EDT

Changing circumstances call for adaptability and perseverance, but one focal point remains important to us here at Sirvoy: offering the best support to our valued customers and continuing to strengthen our core goal of making hospitality easy. So we are happy to share with you our most recent updates.

iCal Channel Improvements

  • You will be happy to know that if the booked iCal room is used in multiple room types in Sirvoy, you can now control to which room type specific bookings should be imported on the iCal mapping page. This possibility makes the iCal connection more consistent with other channels.
  • When we detect that a booking is cancelled on an iCal import, you will receive an automatic email notification about the cancellation together with a request to verify and manually cancel the booking in Sirvoy. This feature is currently in beta and if you have any feedback to share please contact us.
  • You will now be automatically notified about any import iCal URLs that are no longer working. This allows you to correct them and to be alerted if an import iCal connection breaks. If no action is taken, they will be removed automatically to ensure that the import iCal URLs you have listed are up-to-date and working.

Accounting Reports

  • Accounting reports you create can be exported in different file formats. And some, such as SIE4 and CSV, can now be imported into accounting software (e.g. Xero, Fortnox and Visma). This allows for more flexibility and options to suit your personal needs.

Booking Engine Payment Providers

  • Upon request we have made it more clear what amount needs to be paid to make a reservation in the booking engine and the amount that remains until arrival or if only a credit card number is required to guarantee the booking.
  • For our customers in the Netherlands, it is now possible to use iDEAL together with Stripe as a payment solution. Advanced Connectivity Partner

  • We are now a Advanced Connectivity Partner, a result of improved performance and quality, which means even better collaboration for your benefit.

The updates above are a reflection of continuous growth and stability thanks to your valuable feedback. And we will continue to release further exciting developments in the coming months to help improve your business in the hospitality industry.