The Hotels Reinventing Themselves During Coronavirus

April 24, 2020, 08:29 PM EDT

For anyone in the hospitality industry the summer of 2020 will be an unforgettable one. As planes remain grounded and tumbleweed gently drifts across runways around the world, the post apocalyptic scenario created by coronavirus has somehow become our reality. It feels as though someone pressed the pause button and the entire human race began holding it’s breath. For property managers with empty rooms and zero guests it might be tempting to just shut up shop and wait it out. This however, may not be the wisest course of action. Many hotels have been able to mitigate the loss of earnings by implementing novel strategies that are allowing them to stay open and help the world in it’s fight against coronavirus.

The Hotels and Apartments Renting Long-stay Rooms
Hoteliers in cities around the world have discovered that while short term bookings have plummeted due to Covid-19, there has been a surge in requests for longer stays of up to 90 days reportedly by interns and those on long term work placements. Added to that, with many cities suffering from a lack of housing shortage the additional space is welcomed by young people who are struggling more than ever to get on the property ladder. Booking sites such as Airbnb have been quick to meet the demand and are channeling their energies into adapting their platform to meet these needs.

For anyone in the hospitality industry the summer of 2020 will be an unforgettable one…

The Hotels Helping the Hospitals and the Homeless
Coronavirus has presented a unique challenge for those without homes. Many homeless people have begun avoiding shelters as they are known to harbour disease and limited space makes social distancing practically impossible. With these individuals being three times more likely to have an underlying respiratory condition, they are particularly vulnerable to infection and hospitalisation, making it vital they have a safe place to isolate and quarantine if needed. Hotels provide the ideal cocooning facilities and governments agencies are rushing to secure rooms for these ones as an early response is deemed critical.

Many hotels have also collaborated with nearby hospitals and offered their rooms to frontline medical staff, low risk patients and their families. The close proximity eliminates the risk associated with commuting and offers essential services like laundry and wifi so they can communicate with loved ones.

The Hotel Restaurants Offering Takeout and Home Delivery
With many countries imposing heavy travel restrictions and even total lockdowns, it’s no wonder that Just Eat’s takeaway orders have soared by 50%. To meet the needs of those who are self isolating or quarantining, many hotels are now operating home delivery services or take away services from their restaurants.

In other countries where guidelines are more relaxed, hotels have changed how they serve food in their restaurant by setting up tables in a way that respect social distancing requirements and still allow people an enjoyable and stress free evening out.

These are just a few of the ways that hotels are helping their countries to combat Covid-19 but we are sure that there are many more. We hope that you will safely navigate your way through this crisis and emerge stronger on the other side. Until then, remember that all the actions you take now can only help to strengthen your business and ensure your survival.