New in March 2020

March 13, 2020, 08:40 AM EDT

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving so when it comes to hospitality software like Sirvoy it’s vital that we change with it to meet the needs of our clients. Opportunities increase, new features are being developed and existing services continue to get even better. Sirvoy’s goal is to constantly enable its partners to take full advantage of these developments.

Here are Some of Our Latest Updates:

  • For those of you who use Stripe as a payment solution, the process of making payments and adding cards through the booking engine has been adapted to make your guests feel even more secure. Instead of entering card details along with other personal details, guests will be redirected to the Stripe Checkout to add their card details and/or to make an initial payment (depending on your Sirvoy settings).
  • When a booking is made from your front desk, it will no longer be possible to add the card details directly in the booking engine. But once the booking has been created, you can still add new cards to the booking just like before.
  • Conversion tracking has been updated and will now provide you with a better view of your general performance on TripAdvisor.
  • It is now possible to book a specific bed when the room type is a dormitory.
  • We have made a careful review of our help texts to provide even better guidance when setting up Sirvoy and using its different features.
  • We aim to make Sirvoy the perfect fit for accommodation providers all over the globe and to that end we have improved the translation of the software in several languages. The entire Sirvoy package is now available in ten languages including Finnish which was released this month. The booking engine has also been released in Bulgarian bringing it to a total of 27 languages. Are you using your preferred language/s? Go to your user profile settings, and check “language” to view the complete list of languages.

Our work continues and there are more exciting developments already planned for the coming months. In the near future is another release that we believe will make it easier for accommodation managers to reach out to even more guests, helping you to build your business and stay successful so stay tuned for more soon.