New in October 2019

October 17, 2019, 06:29 PM EDT

Running a hotel means you are busy with many different tasks, often at the same time. At Sirvoy, we do our utmost trying to ease that burden. Over the past month we have made improvements when it comes to payment options and increased flexibility when using and printing the unit list, making handling of bookings and caring for guests an even greater pleasure.

Units Page Improvements

Further enhancements to the ones recently done have now been added, making the Units page even more flexible and useful. You can now choose if a specific column should be displayed or not. An indicator will show if any column has been deselected. An icon has been added for the filters, which also helps you present the information according to your specific needs. The page will remember your earlier selections, giving you the best user experience.

These new options are also reflected on the printable PDF, which now uses the same icons as on the Units page. And regarding the printing of the Units page, new settings found under the wheel-icon also assist you in having a nicely organised PDF, especially useful when you have a large number of activities. We hope and believe that this will make it easier to provide unit lists with the relevant information to any personnel at your hotel.

Further Stripe Developments

Our favourite payment solution has been improved in several ways over the past month:

  • When charging a card, the transaction will be flagged as MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order), and as such, is exempted from the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulation that came into effect in the EU in September. If the bank still would decline the charge, guests are now able to pay the remaining balance online in an SCA-compliant way, via the “Review Your Booking” feature. Also, we have improved the look of the “add new card” feature on that same page.
  • In case you wish to permanently remove one or more of the credit cards added to a booking, this is now possible on the booking view in Sirvoy. Any such action will be logged in the booking history. Also, a new permission has been added for the user accounts so that you can adjust who should be given this privilege.

Other Updates

  • A new placeholder code, %review-url%, has been added. It will make it easier for you to direct guests to the Review Your Booking Engine from the email and text messages you send them. By following the link, created by the new placeholder code, guests are forwarded directly to their booking. There you can let them pay the remaining amount of the booking or add a new card etc, if you have settings allowing for this. Please see this article for a basic guide on how to create email and text message templates.
  • Since the interest in Sirvoy is increasing worldwide, we are glad to share that our website is now available under three new domains, for Japan, for the Netherlands and for Canada.
  • Development has been made to our TripAdvisor connection, updating it to the latest available version. Not yet connected to this large distribution and sales channel, but eager to reach even more customers? See our related articles for more information.
  • Clients using Citybreak can now make use of it to an even fuller extent. We have ensured that selling tickets at Citybreak, one of many features offered by this sales channel, will not trigger bookings to Sirvoy, unless you want it to. Simply select “Ignore” in the product’s drop down menu in the mapping page in Sirvoy to completely handle the ticket sales on Citybreak’s end.