New in August 2019 – Updated Units Page

August 13, 2019, 06:52 AM EDT

We work hard to provide you with a booking system that is easy to use yet highly efficient in your daily interaction with your guests. That’s why it is our pleasure to continuously provide you with enhancements to make your hotel management easy, safe and enjoyable with Sirvoy. So what’s new in August?

Improved Unit Page
First, you will enjoy a completely refreshed Units page. It’s not just the look that’s new, making it a more intuitive, pleasant experience, but you will notice some additional feature changes. The tabs are especially useful, since these enable you to easily switch between specific unit views according to your needs. Instead of seeing all the units in the overview, what if you only want to view the check-ins for a certain date? Or just the check-outs? Simply select the desired tab and view today’s date, or select a date of your choice to enjoy these specific views.

Do you want to organize your staff to prepare rooms for the next guests? Simply use the filter to view and print the cleaning status for all units, or just those that need cleaning. And in the unlikely event of an evacuation, the Evacuation list tab can be used to print lists of occupied units in real time as the need arises. Timestamps on the print-outs will help to make sure the most recent lists are used in such cases.

Navigating the Units page is also easy and intuitive, giving you the possibility of sorting and filtering at the touch of a button. All these options provide you with a quick and efficient way to manage your units and any related tasks. Why not take a moment to browse the refreshed Units page? We are sure you will be delighted with these improvements!

User account role added: Accounting reports
As you know you can currently assign different permissions for each Sirvoy user. We have now added one role to “Payments and Invoicing” for “Accounting reports”. Previously this was part of the “Invoicing” role but now you can assign roles separately for user access to invoicing and accounting reports. This means that the user role “Invoicing” now only includes access to any tabs related to invoicing, whereas “Accounting reports” will only allow access to the Accounting reports tab.

All existing users that previously had access to “Invoicing” have automatically been assigned the new additional role “Accounting reports” to maintain the same access as before.

Lowered Account Fee for Pro
In the upcoming weeks and months, you will continue to notice changes, all for your benefit, while still making sure you get the most value. In fact, for those with just a small number of units, we have set an even lower price for Pro customers. We uphold our concept of simple affordable pricing so that you can focus on the more important things – your valued guests.