New in July 2019

July 30, 2019, 06:32 AM EDT

Enabling the implementation of new possibilities while maintaining the stability at its core can be quite a challenge for any system. But everyone at Sirvoy is focused on providing you exactly that: an ever robust booking system together with new and improved enhancements for even better, smoother day-to-day use.

System Optimization:
In the last few weeks, much has been done “behind the scenes” in system optimization, especially when it comes to third-party integrations such as for sales channels or payment providers, ensuring not just stability but also conformity with the latest rights and regulations affecting your daily transactions with your guests.

Booking Engine:
While you enjoy using Sirvoy with peace of mind because of its robustness throughout, we don’t stop at enhancing the experience for both you and your guests. In preparation for this, you will be pleased to know that within the booking engine, your guests will now by default be able to click on any of the uploaded images of your room types or extras during the booking process – without added effort needed on your part. Doing so will now open up an image gallery, thus enabling the guests to have a closer, more detailed look at what you are offering. Undoubtedly, this will make their experience even more immersive and will show them just how inviting your property is. But this is just the beginning!

As the term “image gallery” implies, in the coming weeks we will be adding an update with more possibilities such as the ability to add multiple images for each room type or extra to your gallery, as well as to customize your gallery to blend in seamlessly with the look and feel of your own website design. Also, you will be able to save uploaded images in a larger size, thus making them look even more impressive in full-screen view.

With these exciting new possibilities ahead, we are happy to have a part in seeing your business thrive and blossom as you take advantage of these enhancements and whet each guest’s appetite for an unforgettable stay at your property.