New from May 2019

June 24, 2019, 11:44 AM EDT

We are very happy to again list a number of the latest updates to the system. We are sure that you – our partners – will benefit from these, and that they will ease and contribute to your use of Sirvoy even more.

Refill page and Stripe integration

  • As you might have already noticed, the refill page has been developed for a smoother and better refill experience of your Sirvoy account. The new slider makes it possible for you to choose more freely the amount you want to top up your account. Whenever paying for a year or more, a bonus is added and increased in proportion to the refill amount.
  • The payment checkout page has changed due to our efforts to comply with the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), regulations that will come into effect from September 2019 in the EU. You are therefore forwarded to Stripe checkout when paying for your Sirvoy account. In relation to this, a new Stripe API has been implemented for that same page. Work is now being completed in order to have the same developments released for the Stripe solution on the booking engine and within Sirvoy. This will ensure that everyone using the Stripe payment solution in Sirvoy can handle the collection of CC details and payments in a way that complies with this new law.
  • The integration of Stripe – which is the most well-integrated and flexible payment solution in Sirvoy – has become even better! The “charge card” page now includes even more info about the card(s) added to the booking; namely the cardholder’s name, the country of origin of the card, the type of card (debit/credit/prepaid) and the date when it was added to the booking. Also, the “bookings details page” includes the last four digits of the card(s) that has been charged. This will help you in the important handling of payments for the bookings, especially if there are several cards added to the booking or if there is any refund to be made.

Other updates

  • The “split booking page” has been enhanced and now includes the booking dates and any guest name(s) added for the units. Adding these details enables a secure and quick handling of group bookings that you wish to split.
  • You are now able to anonymize multiple bookings at once, whereas previously this had to be done individually. This simplifies your workflow in relation to compliance with data protection laws (such as the European GDPR regulation).
  • A new placeholder code was added which permits you to include booking information without prices, in the email or SMS contact with your guests. This is useful whenever the booking value sent from the channel excludes the commission and therefore doesn’t match the price paid by the guest.