New from April 2019: The “Sirvoy Vault” Feature

May 14, 2019, 12:08 PM EDT

Security is of utmost importance to Sirvoy, especially when it comes to handling your guests’ personal information. With this in mind, our team has worked hard to now present you with the enhanced “Sirvoy Vault” – formerly known as the “Store Credit Card Details Securely” feature as part of the all-inclusive Sirvoy Pro plan. What is new about this practical feature?

  • Besides providing you the same function of securely storing your guests’ credit card information and automatically storing credit card information received from channel bookings, your guests themselves can now safely add their credit card information directly from the Booking Engine as part of the reservation process. Their information will be stored safely in the Sirvoy Vault, and you can later access that information to charge your guests accordingly.

To enable this functionality for your guest, in your “Settings” simply go to Payments & invoicing -> Card Payments, and select “Sirvoy Vault” from the list. This option is selectable after activating the Sirvoy Vault feature.

We are excited about this development, since it contributes to a more personal experience for your guests, giving them more control when creating their own booking from the Booking Engine of your website.