Appealing to ‘Generation Now’

December 17, 2017, 09:32 PM EST

Patience is most certainly a virtue, but it isn’t one that most of us would equate with the younger generation of hotel guests. The ability to book practically anything online in real time has eliminated the need for waiting, and it has reinvented the face of hotel bookings in recent years. Google trends shows year on year increases in online searches for phrases like ‘book now’ and ‘reserve online’. It’s clear that here and now bookings are the way of the future and making a customer wait for responses and information is a sure way to lose customer interest. And it’s a known fact that losing interest is the best way to lose bookings!

Making sure you’re mobile friendly

The use of smart phones has become essential for many travellers. For example busy professionals may find it easier to transport when they’re on the road and younger people on the move may only carry their cell when travelling. For this reason it is vitally important to have a website that is optimised for mobile websites.  For these types of clients fast and reliable platforms are also really necessary. It is essential for them to be able to access to all the information they require in an agile way and in the shortest time possible. Mobile Apps have become a must to stay in contact (70% of travellers with smartphones have done research on their smartphone Google, 2016).

Be prepared for last minute travellers

Last minute decisions are becoming more popular, largely due to the huge amount of  ‘late deal’ websites and apps available, where travellers hope to bag a late bargain. Of course there are high demand dates throughout the year and the closer it gets to the date it is common practise to raise the prices. But be prepared to offer your best deals and last minute offers during the low season and off-peak dates to keep rooms occupied. Hotels do well to take full advantage of last minute travellers and reward their flexibility by ensuring vacant rooms are competitively priced and listed on some of the largest last minute sites. Some sites that are worth checking out are Kayak (guests are alerted of last minute price drops by email), Hotel Tonight and LateRooms. With Sirvoy you can change your availability and prices in your account and the information will automatically update the channels saving you time and hassle.

Don’t forget your extras!

A great way to boost profits is to pay attention to your add ons. If you offer additional services such as city tours, activities or bike rentals etc, don’t forget to make them available on your booking form and channels. Doing this using a Property Management System like Sirvoy can make this happen almost instantaneously if you need to save time. 38% of ‘extra’ bookings happen the same day or up to two days before the activity so it’s worth actively promoting these on your homepage to drum up customer interest. Whatever your accommodation we hope that these helpful tips keep you booked all year round!