Pet Friendly Hotels

November 27, 2017, 10:40 PM EST

It’s interesting that Google Trends has seen a recent spike in searches for ‘pet hotels’ – is this a one off phenomenon or a trend that’s set to increase? We’d thought we do some research to find out…

First off it begs the question, why would somebody take their pet with them when travelling? Well according to 81% American pet owners believe their pet is beneficial to their health, 80% believe their pet brings them more happiness and 71% believe their pet brings their family closer together. Pets have become such a huge part of their owners lives and families that they will scour the internet for places that will allow them to bring their cherished animal with them. It is becoming increasingly common see dogs and cats in the mall, in a bar, in a restaurant and now more than ever, in hotels, b&b’s and pet friendly hostels, spending their holidays with the whole family (37% of pet owners take their animals on the road, according to a survey by the American Pet Products Association).

Where should I advertise?

If you currently offer this very popular service, there are a number of websites that were developed just for you. Sites like (United States), (worldwide) or (Europe) help guests locate hotels that cater to canines and felines alike. If you offer this much sought after advantage then definitely stand out from the crowd by making sure you are listed in these directories.

Points to remember before offering to accommodate Fido

A number of the larger hotel chains like JW Marriott Hotels, Holiday Inn, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts have already taken notice of this recent trend and begun offering a number of services to a privileged section of the animal kingdom. It’s worth taking a leaf out of their book and benefiting from their experience. Most of these hotels specify/request information such as the following:

  • size and weight of the animal
  • vaccination cards
  • detail the restricted areas
  • are very clear about which pets are allowed (dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rodents, etc.)

Of course the services of Pet Friendly Hotels do not end with providing just a stay for the pet. Toys, snacks, containers for food and water, grooming and leashes are only some of the services offered by these type of hotels that can provide added value for the guest and an extra source of revenue for the hotelier.

So all things considered we’ve decided pet hotels are here to stay. And with the advent of sites that are making it easier for guests to locate these hotels, it’s likely that more hoteliers are going to begin supplying what is a growing demand. Airlines are already catching onto the trend by offering reward programs for flyers travelling with pets – check out this handy guide which provides helpful information on every aspect of pet travel. 

Should you decide to offer this terrific service it’s worth remembering that your website and booking form should have the capabilities to offer different options for pet owners. Sirvoy is a useful tool for pet hoteliers as ‘extras’ can be added which include the facilitation for animals and related services. Why not try out our free trial to see how we can help your business succeed as a pet hotel!